DevOps Engineer Services

Our DevOps Engineering services can help software development teams improve quality standards and shorten turnaround times.

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Microservices Services

With the aid of autonomous, secure, and agile microservices apps, Wiznox Technologies has been assisting businesses with the modernization of their IT infrastructure. We construct projects more quickly and with straightforward systems using our microservices consulting services, allowing for easy repairs, updates, and upgrades with little to no downtime. By leveraging agile and DevOps approaches as well as other cutting-edge tools and technologies, we effectively create apps.

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Serverless Services

The serverless services offered by Wiznox Technologies include application design, architecture, and implementation as well as the creation and modernization of cloud-native and digital apps using AWS serverless products.

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Docker Services

Our talented engineers can create and deploy scalable, secure apps quickly using Docker as it makes it simple to create outstanding, scalable apps just by working with containers. Since all the necessary libraries and dependencies are packed together in containers, applications are easy to maintain.

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Amazon Web Services

AWS has made a name for itself as a very flexible, reliable, affordable, and all-inclusive platform for maintaining your information architecture digitally and providing top-notch app performance. Our service specialists have a wealth of expertise in overcoming the challenges associated with cloud computing, and as a result, they can build and implement effective cloud plans based on technical and financial considerations.

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Our Recent Projects

Every project presents its own goals, audience, and opportunities. Our approach to great projects begins with a time-tested process that discovers and addresses the unexpected.

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